BEST OF 2020

Galaxy at Osage Park

Just thought we would capture a few moments of 2020. Thanks go out to Julia P. booking with Dynasty in the last part of June as we got back up and running. The picture was taken at Osage Park in Rogers, AR.

Dreamliner Ridgwood

Do we do Birthday parties … YES! Also, late June of 2020 Dynasty had the pleasure of taking out a 9-year-old for his first ride in a limousine. Pizza and Ice Cream was on the order. I’m sure this will not be this 9-year-olds last ride in a limousine. Thank goes out to J. Smith.

Erin Bridges Prom 2020

Who would have ever thought that in the year 2020 you would not have Prom?
The seniors of 2020 missed out on so much, but you have to love the internet and the dreams of the America spirit. Dreams can come true and here at Dynasty, we are here to help. Meet some of the Seniors of 2020 that made it a memorable experience. Thanks go out to E. Bridges.

As they say, the show must go on, and so do the Weddings. July was supposed to be the time that everything was under control, but not quite yet. Think about all that goes into the planning of a wedding to find out something has gone wrong. Thankfully we made it through this one without a (hitch), a little hot but the fun lasted to late in the night. Thanks, Leigha and Logan.

What a great Birthday party for Ally. I had the pleasure of driving this great bunch of kids around the other night. First, we went to the Fayetteville square for pictures. Next off to Noodles for dinner, I was in time out, but it was okay because caught up on the daily news. After dinner, it’s dessert time so the Girls picked Maggie Moos, but before we did that we had to take another Mural picture. Thanks go out to Jennifer C, for allowing Dynasty to be of Service and making the Best of 2020.

Located in the beautiful town of Cave Springs on the 18th of July, Dynasty took a group out for an afternoon of pampering. Our first stop was She Said Yes in Rogers, AR. and then to Tesori Bridal in Fayetteville. This was pretty much a day event for the ladies. Thanks go out to Mary A for picking Dynasty to be their ride and making the best of 2020.

The Marshallese have a powerful feeling towards the family. In July, I had the pleasure of driving a couple that had come here to visit, but because of Covid-19, they got stuck here in America. To make the best of the situation, they bought a house here in the US to be close to family. They make the best of 2020 just for the reason that shows no matter what may happen; you still let life keep going. So this was a surprise from the daughter on their anniversary to have a limousine ride to the venue.

Saturday, September the 5th Dynasty was scheduled for what would be the most beautiful wedding we have done so far this year. The Marriage of Miranda and Pedro. I have to give it to Andrew Scott for some great photos of the event. The wedding was performed in Siloam Springs at The Cathedral of the Ozarks’.This beautiful place is reminiscent of the rolling slopes of NWA, as was the original intent of John Brown Sr. when the Cathedral of the Ozarks was built in 1945.