Dynasty’s Special Guests

The day Dynasty was called upon to drive this guy is one that I will always remember. Is he that mean? You will have to ask me

American singer, songwriter, actress, poet, painter, philanthropist, and of course a pleasure for us to be part of her visit to N.W. Arkansas

From Dancing with the Stars to ridding with Dynasty. This is one really neat woman

What a thrill it has been to have had the experience to be part of this family in some of their events.

If you made it this far then maybe If you made it this far then maybe you are old enough to remember when TV and the Beaver was a pretty cool thing. I wish you could read what Jerry had to say, but it only shows up in my picture.

Dynasty was proud to be part of the afternoon when Julie came to town to visit Wal-Mart

A really true American Story, and really wonderful people. Inspiring the movie the Blind Side, it was Great to meet Leeann and Sean Tuohy.

Of course if your in the transportation business it’s cool to enjoy the company of someone else that enjoys a cool car.How close is close? “When you miss, an inch is as good as a mile”